Do you color matter

Color has to do with light and how our brains and eyes process and perceive this light?

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Why Color Consultation?

Choosing color for a wall can be confusing and difficult. The correct color in your home

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Color Trends in Interior Painting

Let us take the guess work out by selecting the perfect paint colors for your home or office.

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Afraid of Color?

Assistance with color selection for parents that have children with learning disabilities.

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Welcome to Colors Matter

colormatterColor Consulting for residential and commercial properties because COLORS MATTER! Let us show you how to choose the correct hue for your home or office using your existing furniture, accessories, and lighting. A Certified Color Consultant will work with you to identify paints that are environmentally safe  and complement special considerations-both physical and mentally challenged individuals.  Faux finishes for cabinets, fireplaces, and walls are also available. Call the experts at COLORS MATTER!
Serving Montgomery, Walker, and the Greater Houston area. Call for a consultation!