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Founder of Colors Matter-Trish Buscemi

Trish Buscemi is the Founder and Certified Color Consultant of Colors Matter. Trish learned about color early in life  through exploration as a young child. When she was 7 years old she would play with her Mom’s make up for hours. Trish’s Grandmother was an oil paint artist. Her  insight was handed down to Trish and enabled Trish to be able to see the wide spectrum of colors, and how they come ALIVE  in everything.

In 2012 Colors Matter was trademarked as a Color Consulting business. Colors Matter has done commercial consulting with BusinessSuites, Abby Executive Suites, SaRi’s Creations, Pain Relief Chiropractic Center, Autumn Leaves Florist, the Spofford Law Firm and Genuwine Wine Bar.

Two Sisters Painting was established as an all-women paint company for both residential and commercial opportunities. In 2011, Trish became certified as a Color Consultant. Although Two Sisters Painting is no longer in existence, Colors Matter has emerged as a color consulting business for choosing the right color to go with your furnishings, lighting and reflecting properties in the room, and existing artwork.

Color can make a difference in the ability for a child to learn by promoting physical and mental health. The brain processes color as a memory trigger and can enhance learning in a child with special needs. Parents of young children have asked for assistance in color selection for their children’s rooms- especially children with learning disabilities-ADD, ADHD, Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome and Down Syndrome. Colors Matter has participated as a Color Consultant for the Make a Wish Foundation and other special needs projects. Color does matter and can change the emotional feel of a room, promote healing, and increase motivation!

Call to schedule a design consultation, a presentation, or learn more about special pricing packages at 936.443.4379 or visit www.ColorsMatter.com.

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