Color is everywhere! It is the first concept toddlers learn. Color is used both consciously and unconsciously all the time. Color is widely accepted to convey meanings universally. “STOP, GO, CAUTION, DANGER, HAPPY, SAD”  are statements communicated through color. Color is used for emotion. Red is desire, lust, passion, and love. Blue is loyal, trusting, honest, open, and sometimes sad. Combinations of color can be used to convey a religion, culture, or tradition.
Color is energy, a frequency with a wave length. Every color has its own magnetic frequency and specific wavelength. Colors affect neuropathways in the brain and create a biochemical response. Color can be used to enable learning. Color is a powerful brain stimulus.

The brain sees and remembers COLOR first!

Do Colors Matter?

Why do colors matter? Because they do! Everything around us is in vivid, living color.
Retail uses color to create a sense of urgency, move us along in a direction, and provide us with information. Color theory is very scientific and stems from experimentation and research from Sir Isaac Newton in 1666! Color has everything to do with light and how our brains and eyes process and perceive this light.

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Afraid of Color?

Let us help you take the guesswork out of choosing the right color for your home or business.
When it comes to picking colors for your home or office it is puzzling when the color does not come out “right.”
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Why Color Consultation?

Painters will come and paint any color you want. They may not even clean up their work when finished. But is that that the color you really want to look at in your home or business? A color consultant will work with you to make a difference!

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