Afraid of Color

Afraid of Color?

Let us help you take the guesswork out of choosing the right color for your home or business.

When it comes to picking colors for your home or office it is puzzling when the color does not come out as you hoped. The lighting and reflective properties of the furnishings will change the color. Paint is not pigmented in a logical way either.

Hint 1: What color crayons would you use to make the color beige?? In the paint world ALL beige tones and many others are pigmented with a form of maroon, gold and black. The amount of red, black, and white provides the contrast in shades.

Hint 2: When looking at the colors in a fan deck go to the darkest hue to help determine how the color is pigmented. Example; if you are looking at deep blues you will see is it blue/violet, glue/red, blue/green, etc.

Hint 3: Always, ALWAYS make your color selection with your paint chips or fan deck in the room you are planning on painting. The lighting of that particular room will determine just how the color will perform.

Colors Matter can take the guesswork out of painting your home off office!