50 Shades of Gray

“50 Shades of Gray” is not just a book or a movie, but also the weather in Texas of late.  Just what number shade in the 50’s do you think we are at??  Just the pure lack of sunshine makes me think we are at 52!

Gray is a popular color these days but just like the book, movie and weather it is a color to be reckoned with. Gray is a fence-sitter- not emotional, neutral, and detached. Gray is neither black or white.

The closer gray gets to black in tone, the more dramatic and mysterious it becomes. The closer gray is to white tones, the more alluring, calm, and composed it makes you feel.

If you are lucky enough to be in front of the fire, curled up with a cozy drink, good book and in the arms of your significant other on a gray, stormy day that CAN be romantic but typically a rainy day in the traffic spent at work is less than romantic.

Same with the color gray; when you are attracted to someone and first get to meet them it’s fun and romantic but sometimes the drama, moodiness and heartache that can set in are less than romantic. Thus a shade of “Gray” –subdued,quiet, and reserved.

We can help you keep the neutral fun side of gray without going battleship, depressive or oppressive. Let us help you with your 50 Shades of Gray; it can be done and it can be fun. Rejuvenate your GRAY with a little color. Colors Matter! 


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