Do Colors Matter?

Do Colors Matter?

Why do colors matter? Because they do! Everything around us is in vivid, living color.

Retail uses color to create a sense of urgency, move us along in a direction, and provide us with information. Color theory is very scientific and stems from experimentation and research from Sir Isaac Newton in 1666! Color has everything to do with light and how our brains and eyes process and perceive this light. Color has everything to do with light’s reflection and very little to do with the actual color itself. Without light we would not be able to even see colors.

Different colors each have a very real effect on us. Some colors have a stronger effect on us than others. For example: Red is high on the spectrum of creating true emotions and a high level of energy associated with it. It can be agitating almost angry or romantic and deeply passionate. It sways mood, provokes thought, and stimulates conversation and appetite. It calms us, revs us, cheers us and, yes, can even depress us. Color is emotional, cultural, sensory, and cognitive, follows trends, and is a way of communicating. Nature is color on steroids!

Each day you wake up and decide what to wear dependent on mood, impressions, and how it makes you feel when you wear that color. Where would we be without blue and red for Republicans and Democrats? The white flag is universal for surrendering. Recycle is green. And a red stop sign means stop!