Interior Painting

Color Trends in Interior Painting

Color trends come and go and should not dictate how you colorize your home or office.

Each brand of paints-(Sherwin Williams, Pittsburg, Behr, Glidden) have their own idea of what the “Color of the Year” should be for fashion and interiors. If you try to get the trended color in your home or office it will probably be lacking unless you have the knowledge to make it work.

Grays and purples are difficult to replicate to one’s individual tastes. Beige is made from a combination of maroon, gold, and black. Who knew? Peachy beige is achieved through using more maroon. Blue can be depressing, electric, or soft for a baby’s nursery. The key is to use colors you like and will bring enjoyment to your living space.

See a color or design you like in a magazine? A color consultant can take that look and help achieve that same color with amazing results. Sometimes using too much of your favorite color can have disastrous look.

Your office space can also achieve the feeling you are hoping to communicate through color. Color and lighting can convey a message that soothes your clients into doing more business with you. Our Color Consultant can match the cultural, consumer psychology, and consumer psychology to your business to achieve pleasing outcomes. We can even help with your logo to make sure the entire look is coordinated to your business.


What brand of paint is best to use?

There is no great answer to that. Personal preference, the condition of your wall, the color you are trying to get, and your painter can help answer those questions.

Can I match fabric to paint color?

Paint, paper, and fabric are all pigmented differently. Burgundy can look different depending on the medium used. Some colors are more difficult to achieve the desired results. You will have better results by taking the paint color and matching with a paint chip to the medium you are trying to match-than taking the medium (fabric) to the paint.

Why doesn’t my room look like the magazine page?

Lighting. Outdoor lighting, the bulbs used, and also the special lighting they use to do magazine shoots will make the difference. Much editing has taken place to achieve the manicured look. Keep that magazine picture handy to show your coordinator the look you want to duplicate.

Color Consultants can eliminate the hassle of color selection to achieve the look you want!