Special Needs & Colors

Special Needs & Color

Color is a major issue in the design of spaces for children that are not neuro-typical. Recently parents of young children have asked for assistance in color selection for their children’s rooms- especially children with learning disabilities-ADD, ADHD, Asperger’s, Autism, and Down Syndrome. As a consultant for the Make A Wish Foundation, Two Sisters Painting has contributed time and talent to some of their projects.

Colors affect neuropathways in the brain and create a biochemical response. Some people do not have every neuropathway that is needed for learning due to a lack of time creeping and crawling, food allergies, and mental stress. When the correct color is found for a particular person’s problem subject (math), that subject (math) becomes easier, and the child experiences the joy of success!

ADD/ADHD-bright primary colors stimulate high levels of interest. Images are important. Visualization, imagery, imagination and similar tools help the child learn more effectively. Moving, touching, and building objects stimulate an effective learning environment for the child. Colors can be calming to the ADD/ADHD child. Color provides learning options and teaches independence.

Color can also make a difference to the home bound, Cancer and Alzheimer patients, and when you have a loss of a loved one.

The brain remembers COLOR first!