#5 – Color Consulting for Special Needs

Special Needs and Color

“Helping someone choose that right color can be tedious and at the same time so very interesting and warming to know someone just let you into their soul. Colors affect people from the core out because they are so personal. When you are told an object is “blue”, everyone will have a different visual of what “blue” means to them.  When you add a disorder like ADD, Autism, or Down’s Syndrome the visual gets even more blurry. Color blindness doesn’t really mean that the individual doesn’t see color either. It simply means that the color is not has “sharp” or in the same hue as everyone else.  My eldest son is 29 and he was diagnosed with severe ADD when he was 5 years old. He also has suffered all his life with Tourette’s Syndrome (a form of Autism Spectrum Disorder). What I have witnessed is that you don’t really “grow out” of anything you just learn to handle it differently as an adult. He still has the same challenge to keep stuff straight enough to function. That’s something a lot of us take for granted”


“John was married and lived in a house that was decorated beautifully. Then his wife left him. John would not even go in the house, let alone sleep in his room because the colors were not calming to him and his disorders. He couldn’t unload the house and money was very tight.  I knew I could change his entire environment with paint…and so we did. He went on a vacation he had reserved for her. His buddies took him to Florida and my sister and I changed his world with color choices and paint. I often don’t tell which is the before and which is the after because both look nice. He was able to sleep again in his home and move on with his life. We coined it “when you can unload your spouse but not your house” makeovers. We choose colors that would appeal to the ADD and Tourette’s side but did it in a flowing “up-culture” kind of way.”


“This is why I understand the importance of choosing the right color for someone is a very personal thing, You live in the color, whether at home or at work. Color can be motivating, inspiring, and promote both physical and mental well being. I am also learning. This year I plan on attending the International Association of Color Consultants Seminars and learning more so that I can assist my clients

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